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Upcoming events

October 17, 2015 1:00 PM • Meet at the North Arcade inside 30th Street Station, behind the Amtrak service desk, at the Progress of Transportation mural
October 17, 2015 7:00 PM • Carman Gardens Roller Rink, 3226 Germantown Ave.
October 24, 2015 11:00 AM • Broad & Lombard, northeast corner (Bain's Deli)
October 31, 2015 11:00 AM • Meet in lobby of Reading Terminal Head House (entrance under curved Convention Center sign on Market St. just east of 12th St.) PLEASE NOTE: Meeting place is Reading Terminal Head House, not Reading Terminal Market.
November 14, 2015 1:00 PM • Southwest corner of 6th and Walnut Streets, at the entrance to Washington Square

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